An auto-responder email is a message that's sent back instantly to everyone who sends a message to a mailbox with this option activated. The senders will receive the automatic answer the instant their emails are received and you will not need to a single thing by hand. A couple of instances of using auto-responder emails are sending a validation that a payment has been received and the order is now being prepared or that a person is on holiday and won't be available for a specific time frame. In the first case the option will be enabled for a long time, whilst in the second one it is short-term. Even when you work with an e-mail just for private communication, you may use an auto-responder to let the e-mail sender know their email is received successfully.

Auto-responder Emails in Shared Hosting

If you need to set up an auto-responder message for a mailbox made in a shared hosting package with our company, it won't take you more than several clicks for doing that. You can view an index of all email addresses which you have from the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all web hosting accounts. For each of them, you will notice a little auto-responder button and everything you will have to do is to click it, type the content that you'd like to use and save the changes - it's as easy as that. Setting up an auto-responder for several emails and modifying or removing an active auto-responder is just as easy and can be carried out at any moment. There will be a special icon for any email address with an enabled auto-responder inside the Emails section, so you'll have the ability to monitor with ease and adjust the status of the function at any time if necessary.